About me

My name is Laia, and I am the one after Sóc una troca.

Women in my family have always been around needle arts, by knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, or sewing their own clothes. I couldn’t be different!

Since a few years ago the crisis took away my job, I’ve devoted myself to wool. As a musicologist, research is my way of understanding things, and that’s why I’ve tried to learn all the historic spinning techniques, I’ve researched into natural dyes and the recipes used early in my country, I’ve dissected all the yarns my hands could catch… as you see, I’ve tried to know everything about this material I love: wool!

Recently I’ve decided to focus on eco dyes, respecting the environment as much as I can, and also on knitting with old machines, always on a practical way of living. The truth is that I live in a town where the winters are cold, and what could be better than wool?

Sóc una troca is the fruit of all this work, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

La Laia a Sta Caterina