Handspun yarn made with high quality merino wool dyed with natural dyes adapting catalan recipes from the 17th and 18th centuries, and with an environmentally-friendly process. The yarn is a single worsted-spun, and once spun and dyed I use old known techniques, like fulling and felting, so it will be easier to knit or crochet, and will pill less. Each skein weights 100 gr, with varying diameter an between 120 and 150m long (hey, remember these are handspun!).

This singles yarn is meant to highlight the softness of the merino used to spin it, and it works best used in garments next to the skin. We specially recommend it for hats and cowls. We also suggest to use big needles, this yarn works and looks better in a less dense fabric (don’t worry, you won’t be cold because of that, this yarn is warm enough!).

We recommend to use a soft soap, like shampoo, shower gel or handmade soap, or you could even not use soap at all. We do not ensure at all the fastness on the color if you use detergent, bleach, or any other similar product. If you have any doubt on how to wash your hand knits you can read this post (sorry, at this moment it is only in catalan!). Please, lay flat out of sunlight, natural dyes are light sensible.

Here you can see the colors we usually work with, all made with natural dyes!

La llana que trobareu a l'All You Knit Is Love!

If you want to know more about natural dyes you can read this post (sorry, at this moment it is only in catalan!).

Want to see more? Here you can see them in detail!